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Are branded chocolates an effective mode of promotion?

If you are familiar with brands distributing t-shirts and mugs to their customers as a promotional tool—they have now started distributing branded chocolates to their customers. We firmly believe that branded chocolates make an excellent promotional mode, and it allows the consumers to associate the kind gesture with the brand.

If you recall the fundamentals of marketing, one of the basics of marketing include “positioning”, which refers to positioning the name and specifications of a brand into the minds of a consumer to help them associate or think about a brand. No branding tool is more effective than distributing branded and bite-sized chocolates to your customers. Can you imagine distributing branded chocolate to your prospective customers in the middle of a concert, carnival, or meeting? It would help them with their sugar cravings on the spot, and it would make them wonder from where did the chocolates come? That’s the beauty of positioning and branded chocolates in one place.

Also, if you host a booth in a carnival and distribute chocolates for free—it would allow the recipients to spread the word of your business, and it would create a network amongst the visitors, who would be inclined to visit your booth for a free chocolate. It is highly likely that marketing nerds in the crowd would want to learn more about your business, and they might even inquire on what inspired your business to distribute branded chocolates to the crowd.

Everyone loves chocolate, and they would be delighted to receive a free chocolate. If the taste of the chocolate entertains their taste buds, they would want to learn more about your business. Also, when hosting business meetings, you can offer branded chocolates to your clients as refreshments.